Patrice and Mark

      Wedding Venues in Ireland are pretty amazing. Though choosing yours can be difficult. Getting married can be the most beautiful time in your life. Thats not say it wont be stressful! Since I began working as a wedding photographer (nearly ten years ago) I have seen a lot of changes. Changes in both photography and also in the wedding industry. Technology has greatly helped the professional wedding photographer. This has also made some people think that wedding photography is a lot easier than what it used to be. Unfortunately regardless of what equipment you have, you still need to have the ability to use it properly. You need to have the ability to work and communicate with people.

      It can be true that some people are not comfortable with the whole idea of wedding photography. Its up to the wedding photographer to explain the process. This will help with those wedding day nerves!

      When you win someone’s trust and they believe in what you are trying to do the results speak for themselves. Creative wedding photography is a group effort! We are very lucky to have amazing wedding venues throughout Ireland. The country is filled with cinematic landscapes (that we tend to take for granted). I have been lucky enough to have worked at some of the best wedding venues in Northern Ireland. Its the same for Ireland and the UK. From Adare Manor in Limerick, Farnham Estate in Cavan, Galgorm in Antrim and the Canal Court in Down. Wedding venues that go the extra mile for their clients!

      Photography from the wedding of Patrice and Mark at Canal Court Hotel.