Cathy and Mark

      Its fun to plan your wedding but it can be stressful. You can make it easier by putting together some questions. If you talk about it its more fun and easier to move forward with a joint vision.

      Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

      Service: Will the service be civil or religious?

      Location: Outdoor, castle, marquee, country house or local pub?

      Guests: How many guests – big or small?

      Venue decor: Hand made chic or hired glam?

      Bridal party: Just you both or some friends to help you?

      The theme of your wedding day doesn’t really have to involve dressing your groomsmen up as super heroes unless you want to. Thats the whole point of a wedding theme. It can be anything.

      It’s so much easier to theme your wedding around what makes you tick as a couple. Rather than picking a colour scheme out of some magazine start making a list. If your pets rule your roost include that. If you love to go to a music gig add that too.

      Build a list of things that you love to do. You don’t have to include them all but it will get you thinking. You just have to remember to be unapologetically yourselves. It’s your wedding day and if don’t like traditional cake don’t have one. If you want to get a cute little bowtie for pooch, then do it. Always wanted to have your own cocktail…you get the idea!

      Photography from the wedding of Cathy and Mark at Darver Castle.