How are you?

      As you may have guessed already I’m Paul (McGlade).

      Just to get the boring bit out of the way I have completed a Higher National Diploma in Photography and Creative Imaging from John Moores University Liverpool and an Associate Bachelor Degree in Interaction Design from Belfast College of Art. I am fully insured with both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

      People always tell you to try different careers before you decide on what you want to do. It is great advice.

      I was lucky enough to work in different places around the world from Chicago to Galway, from Sydney to St.Helier. I settled just outside Belfast with Fiona, our two daughters Rose and Ella and our dog Buddy.

      I started my photography career working with local newspapers and event companies before working as a music photographer. But after my first wedding I knew this was what I really wanted to do.

      To work as fully qualified, professional wedding photographer is amazing.

      People always ask me why I love wedding photography so much.

      It’s an easy question to answer but sometimes it’s nice to take a little time and think about the reasons why I do what I do.

      All our lives are full of unique and unrepeatable moments.

      Photography is an amazing way to remember, to freeze in time that feeling. Documenting those unique moments is what gives me the greatest satisfaction.

      I want you to look at your wedding photos and remember the feelings of happiness and see the real emotion between two people deeply in love.

      Thats why I love to capture all the little details. The smiles and tears.

      My photography style is very relaxed, natural and elegant.

      I want you to enjoy your wedding day so no awkward poses. Promise!


      From the very first time I meet you I will work with you to plan the best way to tell your story. I will find out what you want and what I need to do to make that happen.

      People are unique. I understand your wedding will be unique. So I promise that the images I create will be unique and cherished and loved. Life is a journey. If you’re reading this, marriage will soon be part of your journey and I would love to be part of that journey.

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