Vicky and Chris

      For a truly happy wedding day organisation is the key. I know this sounds like common sense, well because it kinda is! There are loads of great digital planners available online. Or if your more old school grab yourself a planner/filofax and start with the basics. The bigger parts of your wedding are usually the most important things to get booked first.

      A good way to work these out is to think of the things that will set the theme for your wedding. If you want that country manor house vibe then booking your venue will be one of your top priorities. This along with the dress and wedding photographer are usually the main things to get sorted first.

      Again all this is part of a process that is made easier if you both are working from the same idea base. No point checking out the best underwater photographers if your better half is aquaphobic.

      Photography from the wedding of Vicky and Chris at Adare Manor.