Adelle and Sean

      When your heart is black and broken
      And you need a helping hand
      When you’re so much in love
      You don’t know just how much you can stand.
      When your questions go unanswered
      And the silence is killing you
      Take my hand baby I’m your man
      I got love maybe enough for two.

      Ten story love song
      I built this thing for you
      Who can take you higher
      Than twin deep mountain blue
      Oh well I’ve built this thing for you
      And I love you true.

      There’s no sure-fire set solutions
      No short-cut through the trees
      No breach in no wall that
      They put there to keep you from me.
      As you’re lying awake in this darkness
      This everlasting night
      Some day soon don’t know where or when
      You’re gonna wake up and see the light.

      “Ten Story Love Song” by The Stone Roses.