Time to plan your wedding day.

      It’s a new year and you have decided to get married so it’s time to plan your wedding day. Congratulations!! But what next? Where to start? Don’t worry it can be easy to feel overwhelmed at this early stage. Just tell yourself it’s just one day. Ok it’s a pretty big day in your life but just one big fun filled party all the same.

      Just remember that this is only the starting point of your married life. Its easy to let panic sink in and start to think about place settings and invite lists. One of the easier ways to remove the stress is to break the whole process into easy to manage sections. Instead of looking at it as one massive uncontrollable task, break it down. This way you can use each completed section as an achievement, a milestone reached.

      Smooth sailing.

      Organisation is the key to a smooth planning process. I know this sounds like common sense, well because it kinda is! There are loads of great digital planners available online. Or if your more old school grab yourself a planner/filofax and start with the basics. The bigger parts of your wedding are usually the most important things to get booked first.

      A good way to work these out is to think of the things that will set the theme for your wedding. If you want that country manor house vibe then booking your venue will be one of your top priorities. This along with the dress and wedding photographer are usually the main things to get sorted first.

      Again all this is part of a process that is made easier if you both are working from the same idea base. No point checking out the best underwater photographers if your better half is aquaphobic.

      Wedding Day.

      Some of the questions you need to start floating around (no aquaphobic pun intended) are obvious enough. These can tend to be overlooked simply because they are obvious! If you talk about it its more fun and easier to move forward with a joint vision.

      Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

      Service: Will the service be civil or religious?

      Location: Outdoor, castle, marquee, country house or local pub?

      Guests: How many guests – big or small?

      Venue decor: Hand made chic or hired glam?

      Bridal party: Just you both or some friends to help you?

      The theme of your wedding day doesn’t really have to involve dressing your groomsmen up as super heroes unless you want to. Thats the whole point of a wedding theme. It can be anything.

      It’s so much easier to theme your wedding around what makes you tick as a couple. Rather than picking a colour scheme out of some magazine start making a list. If your pets rule your roost include that. If you love to go to a music gig add that too.

      Build a list of things that you love to do. You don’t have to include them all but it will get you thinking. You just have to remember to be unapologetically yourselves. It’s your wedding day and if don’t like traditional cake don’t have one. If you want to get a cute little bowtie for pooch, then do it. Always wanted to have your own cocktail…you get the idea!

      Wedding day budget.

      With the theme safely under control it’s now time to start thinking of the where and the when. All these different sections can be dealt with separately but they will influence each other, so you have to keep this in mind. Your winter wedding ski lodge theme probably won’t work that well in July.

      Unfortunately it’s time for the dreaded ‘budget’ talk! You don’t need to know exactly how much your going to spend but you need to have a ballpark figure in mind. This may change (increase) as you fall in love with the high-end catering van you and your guests can’t live without! But you do need to have one?

      The idea of the budget isn’t just to annoy you but its to help you have a different perspective. This way you can focus on what you really want instead of the ‘live wedding painter to capture your ceremony’ idea you saw online.

      Reason you are getting married.

      The most important thing to remember, when planning for your wedding, is the reason you are getting married in the first place. You have found someone who makes your heart beat a little faster (in a good way, not in an imminent heart attack way!). So if it starts to get overwhelming just take a step back. Remember it’s only a party and everything will be be wonderful.

      Photography from the wedding of Andrea and Shane at Ballymascanlon House Hotel.



      Ballymascanlon Hotel Weddings

      “A proud tradition of hosting weddings. As a family run hotel with a long tradition of hosting weddings – well over 6,000, in fact – Ballymascanlon House Hotel is the perfect venue for your big day.

      Set in 130 acres of majestic parkland and surrounded by mature grounds and stunning vistas, the Ballymac (as it is fondly known by one and all) has been a favourite wedding choice for close to 70 years. The fact that the children and even grandchildren of couples who got married here also choose Ballymascanlon House Hotel for their own weddings speaks volumes. We create memorable weddings, this unique venue will impress the most discerning couple; from the arrival up the secluded, leafy driveway to the magnificent house façade & stunning interiors, this is the setting that romance was made for.

      Ballymascanlon Hotel can cater from 80 up to 300 people in the grand Garden Room with dedicated areas surrounding the suite for your arrival reception drinks and photographs. Our Garden Room has a unique setting with a panoramic view of the award-winning Wall Rose Garden.

      Our dedicated wedding team is available to assist you with all your wedding arrangements and help you to choose the right wedding menu for you and your guests. The experienced team can explain all the options available for your wedding reception drinks, dinner, and evening buffet making your day seemless.”

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